Get clear on your vision, have your best year ever AND 

make a difference!

5 Days of Journaling

for  Visionary Women

with Kelly Covert

You will receive an email each day for 5 days with journaling prompts to help you get even more clear on the big vision you have for your life!

You are a visionary woman (yes, YOU!!) if:

  • You know deep in your soul you were put on this earth for a reason
  • You have a vision, even if it's hazy, of your why in this world
  • You have a heart-centered business or service and a desire to reach more people
  • You believe in your ability to create a life worth living
  • You believe in the power of your inner voice
  • You want to make an impact and are ready to put in the work!!

Take your business, your passion, and your life to the next level by getting super clear on your vision during this 5 Days of Journaling.

Kelly Covert is an inner voice coach with a passion for helping visionary women  believe and achieve their big vision by connecting deeply with the wisdom that is inside of them all while owning their worthiness each and every day. 

Through her intuitive, heart-centered approach she helps women awaken to their true power as creators and world-changers.